Hodge Podge

The evil, never-ending manuscript is finally done! Needs some editing still, but DONE nonetheless. I was aiming for 40K and ended up with 66K. But that wasn’t the only issue. During the making of this most recent sci-fi:

  • I had several months of back pain such that I was physically incapable of writing.
  • My father had two cancer surgeries, ended up in hospital for a month due to complications and I had to make an emergency return to Toronto as a result (he’s better now, undergoing chemo).
  • My mother appeared to take a downward spiral and I had to spend much time trying to figure out how to get her into assisted living while in a different country. Turned out, she’d just gone off her meds – stress and worry all for nothing.
  • I got the flu – TWICE! And yes, I get the flu shot. I was completely useless.
  • Hubby got the flu. He was completely useless.
  • The holidays – need I say more?
  • Yes, I do… Holiday houseguests!
  • Found out hubby was getting transferred to California & wondered if I’d be jobless. (No, as it turns out. I’ll be working from home. YAY for a cool boss!)
  • Got the house ready for sale (which led to a few weeks’ relapse on the back).
  • Endured showings, and one failed contract before (knock on wood) finally selling.

Yep, this one – the third in my Galactic Alliance series with Carina – was a bit of nightmare. I really hope it gets accepted or there will be tears and gnashing of teeth. Perhaps even a small tantrum.

However, since I also promised a short story by March 15th and another manuscript by April 15th, I’m going to take the easy way out and leave you with two completely unrelated items of interest – hence the “hodge podge” title.

1. Fandom Teas – Looks like there’s a fandom tea for most everyone. I’m so getting a Captain Jack Harkness and a TARDIS tea. It “tastes bigger inside the cup,” according to the website. *smirk* Bigger, smaller, I bet I’ll still love it.
2. Glow in the Dark roads that can recharge electric cars. The Netherlands are set to install starting in 2013.

KC Burn


  1. Congrats on getting your story finished, KC. Hope your parents are doing better and I hear you about being useless when you have the flu! Been there, done that.

    Ooh, glow in the dark roads are cool!

    1. Thank you Anna! I appreciate it 🙂 And yeah, the glow in the dark roads are so cool. I hope they’re a success.

  2. I feel for you, KC. omg So much to deal with, and still write a story. You’re my hero. 🙂

    1. Thanks, JL. We’ll see if I still manage to hit my next deadline…

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