Einstein and Pizza π

Piledhigheranddeeper at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL] from Wikimedia Commons

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, 134 years ago. (Oh! Rearrange those numbers and what do ya got?) With such an auspicious birthday, 3.14, he went on to help develop the atomic bomb, the theory of relativity, and received the Nobel Peace Prize.

I wonder. When he worked on all those equations in his mountains of published scientific papers, did he get a kick out of his birthday being 3.14 aka Pi? I like to think he did.

And I like to imagine that if he’d sat down with us as we celebrated Pi Day, that’d he’d appreciate our discussion of how one side of a pizza slice is the radius of the circle. And how we preferred the peach pie over the pineapple pie (chosen because it was Pineapple rather than any of us preferring it).

We dutifully discussed math and explained Pi to the youngest kid. It finally came down to, Pi is a number that helps people find out how big a circle is. You gotta work with what you can.

So what did you do on Pi Day?

And anyone want to explain Relativity to the kiddo?


Ella Drake is a dark paranormal and science fiction romance author. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, & Goodreads. Her Science Fiction Romance, Desert Blade is a near-future post-apocalyptic romance from Carina Press. Currently available SFR: Silver Bound, Jaq’s Harp, Braided Silk & Firestorm on E’Terra. And now from Lyrical Press, MetalMark.


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