Borderline – Free SF Novella on Kindle

Because there’s nothing like a blast of SF adrenaline to get an author’s creative juices flowing. I pretty much ground to a halt last year, toiling away on a hugely complicated steampunk project that sapped my stamina to nought. So I decided to take a month off to write something just for fun—a stripped-down, hell-for-leather getaway chase across an alien desert. One man, one woman, one old hoverbike. A pissed-off hi-tech army in pursuit. And the mysterious biotech prize everyone wants a piece of.

No, I didn’t want it to end. How could you tell?

Borderline is free on Kindle until March 25th. It will shortly be coming to all other ebook formats.

Read the first chapter here.



Robert Appleton is an award-winning author of science fiction, steampunk, and historical fiction. He currently lives in Lancashire, England.



  1. Thanks! I just picked it up!

    1. My pleasure, tawania! Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Thank you for posting such great content. I really appreciate it.I love reading this type of content and your site definitely was not boring.

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