T Minus 10 Days…

I’m not even sure I’m using that title anywhere near correctly, but since I’ve got 6 days left in the office at my day job, 10 days left before my cross-country move, AND 19 days before I’ve got a (non-sci-fi) manuscript due, the brain isn’t quite engaged on non-move, non-writing subjects. Stress… I haz it. So I’m taking the easy way out and leading you to a couple of interesting things I’ve found online.

First of all…

WWIII Propaganda Posters: Yes, you read that right. World War 3. With slogans like “Loose Tweets Sink Fleets” and “Save Freedom of Speech – Support Net Neutrality”, it reminded me of the many dystopian books I’ve read (and the one I’ve written, but not published). Take a look – they’re amusing.

Facebook Business Cards: You might be familiar with Moo business cards. If you’re not – get familiar! They’ve got a number of unique and compelling business card ideas. They’ve recently launched a line of business cards based on your Facebook timeline.

Finally… Trendhunter.com: I had originally visited this site tracking down this gorgeous dinnerware based on Earth and Moon, but I got sucked into the site itself. So many fascinating things to see there, and I certainly didn’t have the spare time to see everything, but I definitely bookmarked it and will be going back when I have some free time to poke around. The site isn’t confined to dinnerware – they cover fashion, technology, lifestyle, culture, design… the list goes on. Beware, I think this site could be VERY addictive!

Given my crazy schedule, I’m anticipating one more post filled with even more random ramblings from my fluffy-bunny, stress-broken mind, but then I’ll be back on track. I promise!  Wish me luck on meeting my deadlines!

KC Burn


  1. Good luck KC. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you, that it all goes smoothly.
    and I LOVE Moo cards. LOVE.

    1. Thanks, Ella – we made it through… barely! Actually it wasn’t terrible, but it certainly was exhausting!

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