After finally being able to breathe (somewhat), we went to see Oblivion.  I shall try not to give away any spoilers.

It was rather decent (and miles better than Prometheus, so that’s something). The beginning moved rather slowly and felt like a big, long ponderous prologue, but the odd pacing was balanced by some vistas that were pretty spectacular.

Visually, it was stunning. I don’t know how much of it was CGI and how much actual sets, but they did an amazing job with the cinematography. The bits that had to have been CGI were completely seamless. Now, obviously, that’s the whole point of CGI, to blend into the movie, but all too often they’re noticeable, especially in sci-fi. Thanks to early Doctor Who and the like, I’m pretty forgiving about bad special effects, but I was very impressed with the quality.

Storywise… there were some issues. Now, like any good sci-fi, it gave me a bit of the mind swirlies, much like when I try to think about time travel paradoxes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a time travel movie, but it did make me think quite a bit. Which in a way was an issue, because certain parts of the story rely pretty heavily on NOT thinking about them to make them work. And there were an alarming number of them, in my opinion.

Like the way the mother ship (for lack of better description) is inexplicably unable to control a vital bit of technology when all the rest of it clearly is under control. Or the two points where a decoy substitution is applied. There was no good explanation why the decoy is accepted as the real thing in the first situation, and in the second situation, acceptance of the decoy has a serious impact on one of the main character’s life and this impact is noticeably not addressed.

I also found the ending too pat. As a romance author, I like my happy endings, but in this case, I think the ending was a bit too forced. I think there was a particular place it should have been ended, and while it wouldn’t have been all rainbows and roses, it was a good, solid, “we won” kind of ending that’s just right for sci-fi.

Hubby thought the ending should have addressed how solid a win it was, because he didn’t see any good reason why the whole thing couldn’t and wouldn’t happen again, possibly soon. Perhaps that was the intention… give them rainbows and roses for now but with the lingering shadow of a repeat engagement? Or was that explanation (also inexplicably) left on the cutting room floor?

Conclusion: Very pretty movie that didn’t quite bear up to close scrutiny.

KC Burn


  1. For me, I was a person who saw this movie and did enjoy it, it does have its noticeable flaws. Nice review KC.

    1. Thanks – yes, that was exactly how I felt about it. I enjoyed it but it sure wasn’t perfect 🙂

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