Future Tech & Plot Bunnies

This is going to be super quick – I forgot I was going to be in a hotel room this morning, prior to going to an NHL hockey game (my first live playoff game).

Last week on Facebook, I came across these links (and I can’t for the life of me remember who posted them – probably Jamie Fessenden, or it could have been our very own Lisa Paitz Spindler), but they were so cool and they resonated with me for various reasons.

Hurricanes on Saturn: Bigger and faster than what you’d find on Earth, but fascinating. I think the colors have been touched up to make it easier to see, but the pictures are what got my plot bunnies… ahem… swirling.

Culture-made Trachea Implant: Using synthetic fibers and human cells, doctors created a trachea for a little girl. Okay, yeah, cool all on its own, but I recently wrote a short story that involved the growth of organs for soldiers, and seeing this right on the heels of writing that, as I said, really resonated.

3-D Printer Makes a Bionic Ear: Last year I was at a conference where one of the sessions discussed how 3-D printers worked and how you could order custom made stuff from a few companies. Quite frankly, all I was considering was whether I could come up with some cool swag and if I could afford that. A bionic ear didn’t even cross my mind! But I also recently wrote a paranormal (MIA Case Files: Craving) with a character who is hearing impaired. At one point, there’s a short discussion about his options, and I’m totally bummed I wasn’t able to add this in!

So, have you got any plot bunnies now?

KC Burn


  1. I recently discovered Southern Sweet Heat BBQ potato chips. The name and the sweet but spicy taste started my brain down a path for a book. But let’s get to the NHL playoff game. Which game are you going to?

    1. Nice! I love how simple, everyday things can prompt story ideas! As for the game, I’m seeing the Red Wings vs. The Ducks in Anaheim. Funny thing is, I’m not a huge hockey fan (although if I’m going to watch sports, it’s hockey or soccer), but this will now be the 4th city in which I’ve gone to an NHL game. Which is one more than my rabid Red Wings fan hubby. HA!

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