May the Force be with you

Happy Belated Star Wars Day! May 4th for the uninitiated – May the Fourth be with you!

I confess…I am a huge Star Wars fan–not quite as big as my verging-on-nerdy husband who has various Star Wars collectibles and knows every obscure SW fact and character name. He asked me to put in that he doesn’t dress up in costume though! I love the original three movies, Han Solo rocks and some of the SW games are among my favs (Battlefront and Knights of the Old Republic).

Since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas (to the tune of just over $4 billion dollars – George must really be enjoying retirement!), they’ve announced big plans:

Disney Princess

The New Girl by JD Hancock

~ They’ll release a new SW movie every year until 2020 (first one due out 2015)

~ Three movies will be part of the sequel trilogy (as Lucas always had planned)

~ JJ Abrams (of the latest Star Trek movies fame) will direct the first movie, Episode VII

~ Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are rumored to be coming back for the sequels

~ The other movies will be character-based stories based in the SW universe (ala the Wolverine movies) with the rumor that Yoda will be the star in one

~ This week Electronic Arts inked a deal with Disney for the rights for the Star Wars games

Die hard Star Wars fans have had mixed feelings on the buyout. Some are worried the much-loved franchise will be ruined but others are excited for new installments. I’m a little cautious but I’m throwing my lightsaber into the excited side of things.

Any other Star Wars fans out there? Horrified, nervous or excited?


AnnAnnaHacketta Hackett loves action movies, sci-fi shows, short stories, writing her own romantic adventures, her wonderful husband and her little man. You can find her at all the usual places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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  1. Excited! For the first time in ages. I didn’t hate the prequels, but they were patchy, and they sorely missed a roguish Han Solo type character. Now with the original stars in the mix, and some real scriptwriters on board, the new trilogy could be worth the wait. Plus, I’ve liked all of JJ Abrams’s films so far.

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