I’d better have seen Star Trek by now!

In case it wasn’t clear, I scheduled this post ahead of time, because I’m on a week-long cruise right now with my in-laws.  I’m also on a super crazy deadline, which means I need to spend at least half the cruise writing. Then again, most writers I know have a hard time turning it off on vacation anyway, and I might need a good excuse for some alone time, so I’m not terribly upset.  Or at least, I won’t be upset if I come home with a completed manuscript.

However, the deadline is the reason I haven’t seen the new Star Trek yet, and I’m hoping the cruise will be showing it, because I’m really, really want to see it. Zachary Quinto was superb in the last one and so was Karl Urban. Then there’s my personal fav, Simon Pegg, who I came to love in Shaun of the Dead and pretty much everything else I’ve seen him in. I also can’t wait to see how Benedict Cumberbatch does because he is FANTASTIC in Sherlock.

Since I don’t have a review at this time, I’m going to leave you with a couple of related links.

Star Trek Fragrances. Want! I want them all! They might smell like shit, but I want them, especially the Red Shirt! So pretty….

5 Horrifying Implications of the Star Trek Universe – Hilarious! And no spoilers, in case you haven’t seen the new movie, like me. It only references the last movie and I laughed so hard I cried.


KC Burn

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