Hello friends, I am returning from hiatus with an announcement!

I have absolutely delicious news.

Some of you know I am in deadline hell and haven’t been online for some time. And some of you know that in my other life I am a professional editor. Well I’ve been given an awesome opportunity here at Contact to develop an anthology that will include work from most of our authors! Developing the anthology is slow going, as I must fit the editorial work (and the writing!) in and around my day-to-day life and deadlines, but we have a number of stories finished now, and I think it’s time we told you about the book and revealed the cover!

With stories that range the full gamut of science fiction from authors Robert Appleton, KC Burns, Lilly Cain, Anne Rose, Diane Dooley, Ella Drake, Diane Fox and Anah Crow, Anna Hackett, Kim Knox, Shawn Kupfer, you will get a taste of everything from military science fiction to science fiction romance! Releasing this fall!

Cover of Infinite Futures - the first Anthology by Contact IF Blog members

What do you think?  Like the cover? I am so excited!

Lilly Cain



  1. Thanks Heather – I think it is pretty great – we have some SFR in there and some YA, and some just plain cool sci-fi. 🙂

  2. Fabulous, Lilly! can’t wait for the antho to hit the shelves — sci-fi for everybody!

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