More Future Tech

Time for more future tech! I know everyone on this blog has touched on some of these as normal, everyday parts of the sci-fi worlds they’ve created, but the fact that someone’s predicting they could happen in the 2030s is pretty cool.

Here’s the full article, but a couple of the options leapt out at me.  First of all, the anti-aging invention. Okay, there isn’t much in the way of specifics, but it’ll be good timing. I’ll be just about to retire. Might be nice to reverse the damage of decades of working for a living, eh? I might even be in the market for a lab-grown organ, and I recently used this possibility/probability in a recent story I wrote.

I will definitely want an artificially intelligent personal assistant. I wish I had one now. Or even a minimally intelligent minimum wage earning personal assistant. However, a super smart Siri, who’s supposed to be an almost personality clone of yourself? They might have to work on that. Kids… I’m not quite that narcissistic. And also, I’m kind of a bitch. I’d rather have someone else’s personality in there. Knowing my luck, I’d end up with the killer robot.

But the first *sanctioned* Megascale Geoengineering Project (which not only implies they expect to see a couple of unsanctioned megascale geoengineering projects) sounds a bit like a SyFy movie, doesn’t it? They’re predicting it will be to reverse the effects of climate change, but I think we all know what the first one will be… You’ve seen the trailer for Pacific Rim, right? *wink*

And speaking of Pacific Rim – is anyone going to see this movie? I realize it dates me a bit, but it looks like Godzilla meets Voltron and I have a lot of difficulty believing any non-lobotomized government in the world would come to the conclusion that giant fighting robots is the most viable solution to giant monsters suddenly making an appearance on Earth.

Nevertheless, it seems likely I’ll be reviewing it soon. After all, the writers did manage to get it into theatres instead of being the SyFy special. Salutations, Pacific Rim. I’ll be watching your defeated contender, Sharknado, on Thursday.

KC Burn


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