Legendary & Sharknado

I was at the Romance Writers of America national conference last week, which was fun and both a great learning experience and networking experience. I’ve been to a number of writing conferences and it’s always a pleasure to be able connect with friends. It was especially nice since a number of friends from my writing group in Orlando were at the conference – I miss them since moving to California.

However, despite the fun, its still work. When I got home, although certainly inspired for my next project, I was mentally and physically exhausted. So, hubby and I indulged in a little geek therapy: Sharknado and Legendary.

Prior to my conference, my hubby was out of town, so this was the first chance we had to sit down and watch our recorded Sharknado.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Perhaps it was just exhaustion, but Sharknado didn’t really live up to its hype. Not that I was expecting stellar filmmaking, award winning performances, and a story for the ages, but I love campy thriller/horror movies and this didn’t quite make the grade. For starters, the CGI was just awful – I’ve come to expect better from SyFy. And there were other ridiculous things, like how easily the sharks could *aim* for humans while being flung through the air. Also, why did the tornados/waterspouts only pick up sharks?!? Not to be clichéd, but there are other fish in the sea, my friend.

Sharktopus was a lot better, in my opinion.

But Legendary saved the day. It’s a Marvel superhero card building game that looks busy and complicated as hell, but it’s pretty simple once everything is set up and it’s cooperative.


Hubby and I used to play lots of games back home in Toronto. We had a large group of friends that enjoyed doing so, which made cooperative games less important. With just me and him, though, being competitive with each other isn’t as much fun, so we play a lot of games where we’re playing against the deck/board. Pandemic is one we like, Arkham Horror is decent (but it is long and has LOTS of fiddly bits) and now we’ve got Legendary.

The games were fun, we seemed to win about as much as we lost, and it certainly helped ease the disappointment of Sharknado. Which I’ve heard might be getting a sequel. Here’s hoping it’s an improvement.


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