The World’s End

So much to love about this movie! I adored it!

First of all, there are no surprises, not really. After all, they show us in the trailer that the group of guys ends up fighting robots in their small hometown. And yet, that really should be a surprise.

Funny thing – as writers, we’re always told to beware “aliens in chapter 14”.  Basically this means that readers shouldn’t be blindsided by a completely inexplicable occurrence/explanation/deus ex machina part way through the book, one that hasn’t had any groundwork laid. And yet, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost cheerfully do this (and have done it in Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz) and I love it and them!

I adore the “normal guy” sensibility of the movie, followed by the slip into the absurd. Besides the story line, the cast was fantastic. Martin Freeman was one of the saving graces of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, and of course, in Sherlock, he’s every bit as compelling and talented as Benedict Cumberbatch. I am utterly impressed by Freeman’s ability to convey so many thoughts and so much emotion with a simple expression. And that’s not even counting The Hobbit… Despite the tongue in cheek nature of The World’s End, Martin Freeman brings his A game, and he’s a welcome addition.

Pierce Brosnan makes an appearance as well. Damn, the man is still so fine! He was absolutely perfect for his role, however small.

The soundtrack was also notable, as it was utterly filled with all the lovely Brit pop and alternative that I spent a bunch of my university years dancing to in clubs. It’s simply impossible to not love a movie that uses Sisters of Mercy’s This Corrosion as a theme song. Altogether an awesome, awesome movie.

KC Burn


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