Saying Goodbye

A.C. Crispin passed away last month. I never met her, but I cried anyway.

I won’t say that reading her books made me feel like I knew her or that her work at Author Beware saved my career…but I can say that reading her books changed the way I think about science fiction, about reading, and about myself.

Starbridge, and the series that followed it, were the first science fiction novels I read that I found myself in. Marie was a teenaged girl, like me. She saw herself as average but yearned to be extraordinary. She succeeds in becoming extraordinary and, over time, realizes that the path she took to get there was a terrible idea – and that she had been extraordinary in her own way all along. As a teenaged girl who never felt quite good enough, I wanted that for me.

I took something away from every one of those books, and they all hold a special place in my heart. And, as their author, so does she.

–Dianne Fox


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