Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Okay, who’s seen it? Just in case you haven’t, I’m going to try not to give away any spoilers, but wow, it was incredible. Although we DVR’d it, we decided to go see it at the movies in 3D. The 3D was mostly unnecessary, but seeing it at a theatre made it a little more… breathtaking? Anticipatory? It was a Monday night, but the theatre was full. I wasn’t dressed up (that’s just not something I do) but a number of people were wearing Doctor Who regalia.

Seeing David Tennant and Matt Smith interact with each other was priceless. Fantastic. They are my favourite doctors (Tennant being number 1). John Hurt also added a great angle. Now, I haven’t seen all the doctors in action. I’m aware of them, but the only one besides the reboot that I’ve watched was the fourth doctor, Tom Baker.

My dad loves sci-fi, and we used to watch Doctor Who together when I was a kid. That was when I learned to love Doctor Who. Why didn’t I watch the interim doctors between Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston? Honestly, I suspect it was primarily that I didn’t have access. I grew up in Canada, and while we had access to a lot of British television, it’s possible that Doctor Who’s popularity waned after the fourth doctor. Who knows? Someday I may go back and watch, but there’s always a problem of not enough hours in the day.

Nevertheless, I’ve been a rabid fan of the reboot, and wow, this anniversary special was something. This may qualify as spoilers, but for those of you who’ve seen it, is Matt Smith the 11th doctor or the 12th? I’m a little confused, but then again, that timey-wimey stuff can boggle the mind.

And Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

KC Burn


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  1. I’ve been hearing some rumors about how Moffat’s going to answer this very question in the Christmas Special this year, actually!

    Namely: that he’s counting War Doctor as a regeneration AND that he’s counting the extra regeneration that Ten blew creating his half-human clone.

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