Eureka! A little retro revival…

If my resolution this year was to “remember when I’m supposed to blog” I’ve already failed! But this week, I remembered… a few minutes ago.

I haven’t read a lot of sci-fi books or watched a lot of movies lately – between the holidays, a sick cat and two deadlines, I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Sadly, I haven’t written any sci-fi either!

What I have done, is re-watching Eureka. Why, you say? Well, when I’m not actively writing, I will often turn on Netflix and start up TV shows to play as company. The most recent one I’ve picked was Eureka. Loved it during the first run and I’m still loving it. I referenced Eureka in my post about Wil Wheaton, and of course I love the crossover with Warehouse 13, but something else has become clear while I’m watching it.

I’ve blogged before, and I’ve read other people discuss, about how much sci-fi has guided scientific progress. Would we have some of the same inventions today if sci-fi writers hadn’t dreamed up some fantastical devices, presumably firing up the imagination of scientists with the skill to produce working versions?

Hard to say. It’s possible, too, that sci-fi writers were simply extrapolating in a logical manner from existing technology, in a way that scientists were already heading.

But I like to think that it’s the fiction that guides the fact. And if that’s the case… the writers for Eureka are f**king awesome. So many things that would not only be super cool to have, but incredibly plausible. Hell, a dumb version of the smart house is already appearing on TV commercials, where you can shut off your water taps remotely with your smartphone… in case your adult children are TOO STUPID to turn them off before they leave. But that’s a whole different blog post. Anyway, I know a lot of the smart home technology was in the works before Eureka but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Eureka, and other science fiction steering.

Eureka started in 2006. I expect to see a lot of Eureka-style technology any day now. With a little sigh of regret that Eureka had to end…


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