Junk Head 1: Into the dystopian rabbit hole

Takahide Hori spent four years making the stop-action 30-minute movie Junk Head 1 in his spare time. In his futuristic take on Alice in Wonderland, we follow an unnamed protagonist down, down, down, into the bowels of a futuristic hellscape of nightmares and dark humor where Earth has become a dytopian industrial labyrinth inhabited by cyborgs (the humans above) and clones (the monsters below).

horiThe story is fascinating, disturbing, entertaining and visually stunning. Takahide Hori delivers a quality mix of Harryhausen, Tim Burton, and a Tool music video. And, remember, he did it alone. In his spare time.

Now he’s looking to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo so he can quit his white-collar job and devote himself full-time to creating Junk Head 2. Can you spare $5 to make a SF brother’s dream come true? And benefit all of us in the process? I’d love to see a sequel.

The Escapist reports that if he doesn’t raise the funds, he’ll quit making movies because it’s too stressful to try and work a full-time job and animate on the side. (I totally get that. I can’t afford to write full-time, and trying to squeeze a major project–Stellarnet Prince–into my “spare time” just about killed me in 2012. Which is why it’s taking me so long to finish the next book in the series.) I think it would be a crying shame if the incredibly talented Takahide Hori didn’t continue storytelling.

Check out Junk Head 1 in its entirety, with English subtitles.

WARNING: Dark, graphic and violent, possibly NSFW. Review before showing to your children.

* * *

2012-jenJ.L. Hilton is the author of the Stellarnet Series published by Carina Press, including Stellarnet Rebel (January 2012) and Stellarnet Prince (November 2012), and is a regular contributor to the Contact-Infinite Futures blog. She also creates cool wearable things that are featured in the books Steampunk Style Jewelry and 1000 Steampunk Creations. Visit her at JLHilton.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads and deviantART.


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