Marvel Puzzle Quest & Almost Human

Yikes! February is almost over and I nearly missed my blog date AGAIN! This time I can totally blame the hubby. He introduced me to Marvel Puzzle Quest and all I can say is thank all the powers that be that I’m not on a horrific deadline because I am ADDICTED.

I don’t play a lot of video games, mostly because I don’t have time to learn all the special moves and such (you know… day job… writing… I can’t add a huge learning curve to that). Also, I find a lot of video games stress me out because of the time factor – “you must get this done now, now, NOW. Time is running out.” There are too many moving parts to pay attention to, and I tend to freeze. But Puzzle Quest is basically a tile matching game with no timer. And Marvel superheroes. Which means even with my complete lack of video game skills, I can enjoy it.

In between quests, though, we’ve been catching up on TV, including Almost Human. Who loves that show? I know I do.  I really enjoyed Michael Ealy when he was in Common Law, and Karl Urban? A great actor and YUM.

KC Burn

However, I’m worried that it’s not even going to make it to the Friday night death slot. Because even though it’s the first season, they seem to be recklessly  shuffling episodes without any regard for the overall character development and story arc. Quite frankly, I don’t much care about the conflict they created for Detective Kennex with his missing girlfriend and all – I’m much more keen on the futuristic buddy cop aspect. Unfortunately, this casual disregard for story continuity indicates to me that they never intended this series to succeed. Which is a real shame.


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