AT STAR’S END: Exclusive Excerpts

Science fiction romance

The countdown is on to the release of AT STAR’S END on March 31st! Today I’m excited to share the very first excerpts from the thrill ride of a space adventure.

First lines:

Dr. Eos Rai gripped the edge of her seat and gritted her teeth. The pilot of her hired minishuttle executed a dizzying spiral descent toward the moon below.

The free fall was exactly what her life was like at the moment. Her hand clenched on the seat. How much longer until she hit the bottom?

The Meet:

A strong arm wrapped around Eos’s chest like a steel band. A hard male body pressed against her back. She stiffened and shoved her elbow into a firm abdomen. A wet, naked abdomen. The cool metal of a weapon pressed against her temple and she froze.

“I’ve already had one woman sneak up on me today. I don’t plan to make it two.” The male voice was low, raspy.

Meet the hero, Dathan Phoenix:

Tanned skin over hard muscles. Actually, he was a bit pink, like he had bad solarburn. Not that it detracted from his blatant masculinity. A washboard stomach and a deep V of muscle that disappeared…downward. Where she wasn’t going to look.

One strong arm and shoulder were covered in black ink. Her heart stuttered as her gaze traced the wild, masculine design. She pressed her hands together, touching her own designs. His markings were nothing like the elegant mehndi markings the men and women on her world were born with.

Meet the heroine, Dr. Eos Rai:

Eos Rai wasn’t tall, her head topped out just below his chin. She had a curvy little body but he saw the tone in her arms. She kept in shape and the boots she wore had scars. She wasn’t an astro-archeologist who stayed behind a desk or simply walked the vaunted halls of the stuffy-assed Institute.

Long dark hair with a hint of curl fell halfway down her back. Pulled back it bared a face that whispered of desert oases and warm winds. Her skin was darker than his, a beautiful smooth tan that looked good enough to lick. Her eyes were large, tilted at the corners, and were the brightest gold of a stellar flare. They made him think of the ancient gold coins he’d discovered on the ocean floor of Aurum.

The Mission:

Okay, here goes. “I need you to help me find the last remaining piece of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.”Silence.All Eos could hear was the gentle whoosh of the internal environmental system. It made her nerves stretch tight.Dathan threw his head back and laughed.

“I’m serious,” she snapped.

He shook his head. “We only take jobs that have a sure payout. The Mona Lisa was destroyed when Earth’s inhabitants turned their planet into a nuclear wasteland.”

“No. It’s at Star’s End.”

Dathan laughed again, grabbing his stomach. Eos felt a burning urge to kick him.

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