New science fiction shows are a constant source of excitement in the Fox household. No matter how many times the best or most promising ones get cancelled, we’re still full of hope at every new opportunity. So, when Helix was announced on the SyFy channel, we settled in to watch.

The show had a promising start. A forgetful chief scientist was supported by a bright and motivated young woman, a lower-ranking scientist. Another scientist, a veterinarian with funky hair and a bright attitude, was both the chief scientist’s friend and team member. A third scientist appeared, and turned out to be the chief’s ex-wife.

And then I could see the pattern, and I started to feel concerned.

The lower-ranking scientist had a crush on the chief. The ex-wife was obviously a love interest as well.

So later, when the veterinarian was killed, I wasn’t surprised. She was the only expendable woman, because the other two were part of the love triangle.

Then more women are introduced – an Inuit police chief, a powerful and ruthless immortal, a scientist struggling with the Vector disease, and a resourceful escapee. And then the immortal is killed, the scientist is killed, the escapee turns out to be a figment of the ex-wife’s imagination…and the police chief ends up the love interest of the guy who killed the veterinarian.

I watched the season through to the end, but if the show makes it to a second season, I won’t be following along.

Until next time,
–Dianne Fox



  1. The women are all either dead or a love interest? Did any dudes die? I haven’t watched the show, but it doesn’t sound like I’d want to.

    1. Dudes died, and one was even at the same level of significance as the veterinarian who died…but there were a lot more dudes in the show overall, so proportionally it was way, way off-balance.

      It’s frustrating, because I kind of enjoyed the “scientific experiment results in zombie-disease” thing the show had going on.

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