Mass Effect 4: It’s full of stars!

Bioware has broken our hearts, toyed with our emotions, hung us out to dry, then sold us the DLC. We don’t care, we come back every time because there’s gay romance and looming evil and great acts of heroism. We were so excited for Mass Effect 4 at E3. We put our fingers in our ears to drown out the nay sayers and we did the dance of joy.


Admittedly, the goatee is going to be a hard sell. But that’s what fem!Shep is for as well as customizations. On the upside, he’s a little less grim than the old Shepard—Sheploo was a dire looking fellow, but maybe that’s what it takes to save the universe.

Onward!ImageYe olde Paragon and Renegade categories are back. This is excellent because it means those tattoos weren’t such a bad idea after all. Mass Effect, for the uninitiated, lets you make moral decisions that affect the fate of the universe as well as allowing you to chase alien (and human) hotties around the galaxy.


They had us at CRUSH ENEMIES. This is going to make those long, terrible meetings and frustrating editing sessions so much better. Coming home to crushing all who stand before us? Priceless. We’re sold.

The Mass Effect franchise is a big one and while we had some nitpicks about the narrative choices in the ending of Mass Effect 3, there’s nothing like it out there. It’s got amazing aliens and great space battles and cool weapons along with the ability to make choices and affect the outcome that hasn’t been served up the same by anyone else. We’re waiting for this one, hugging our krogan plushies.


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