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Coming Soon from Carina Press..

My second sci fi novella from Carina Press will be released soon: September 24th, 2012. I’m currently suffering from pre-release jitters (is it just me that experiences this?) Once release day hits and it’s out there in the world, I’ll be fine. T minus seven days until I get my mental health back and I’ll […]

The Planned Blake’s 7 Reboot: Let the Fangirls Speak!

Okay, ladies – settle down. Settle down, I say! Jaleta – how many Gargle Blasters have you had? Pippa – put away your teleport bracelet that was actually used in the show before someone steals it. Ahem. We are gathered here in the sight of the dearly departed Terry Nation to discuss issues of the […]

Love and the Apocalypse: Review of White Horse by Alex Adams

Perhaps it was growing up immersed in a religion that was not-so-patiently awaiting Armageddon? Maybe it was being a child in the Cold War, when school children were told that hiding under one’s desk would protect you from a nuclear blast? Perhaps I’m just a morbid so-and-so? Whatever the reason, I’ve long been fascinated with […]

For the Love of Spaceships!

One of my favorite things about sci fi movies, books and TV shows is checking out the space hardware. Any space opera worth its salt has to have at least one spaceship that makes me salivate. Whether they’re sleek and fast or slow and powerful, I really don’t care. I just like the way they […]

Living Large in Smallville

Somebody saaaaaave me. I’ve become thoroughly addicted to Smallville, the TV show about the teenage years and early manhood of Superman. I didn’t watch it when it was actually running, but now it’s over I’ve decided to watch all ten damn seasons. The teen drama and endless angsting kind of gets on my nerves. I […]

Pirates and Bounty Hunters…In Spaaaaace.

Do you know that game when, after eating your Chinese food, you open up your fortune cookie and read it, then add “in bed” to the end of it? My most recent one? “Hard work will get you wherever you want to go…in bed.” Hmm. I don’t know if I want my funtimes between the […]

Back to the Future: Past and Present

The time has finally come when my kids are now old enough to watch some classic sci-fi movies that were favorites of mine when I was a kid. We usually do a family movie night on Saturdays and they’ve become so much more enjoyable for me now we don’t have to be quite so strict […]

Kurt Vonnegut and I

This is a sad story. It’s about a very greedy girl – me. Once upon a time I was unemployed and, having applied for gazillions of jobs, I was waiting for one of them to call me for an interview. While waiting I decided it was time to read the much-lauded Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt […]

Race in Space: A Question

I’ve recently been involved in a few discussions regarding race in science fiction. The majority of the science fiction I’ve read in my four plus decades almost always featured white, male protagonists. It’s only in more recent years that I’ve been able to find more diversity – women and characters of different races. My own […]

A Novella Renaissance?

  Since I received a Kindle for Christmas last year I think I may have read more novellas in that short time than in all the years previously. And that’s not to say I was a slouch with reading them before. Orwell and Steinbeck are two of my favorite authors and they both wrote novellas […]