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In the Future: The Big Sleep

One of the big barriers to space travel for humans is…well, being human. That’s a common theme in movies about interstellar travel. We get bored. We stab each other in the back. We go crazy. But no matter how we get out there, the trip is going to be a long one—and the moment it’s […]

In the Future: Machines

A whole swath of science fiction is dedicated to the future of machines and their relationship with human beings,. Even machines without their own innate intellect have a special relationship with us both now and in the future. In the cinemas right now, Pacific Rim is making its mark with huge machines—interfaced with humans—saving the […]

Through the Future Lens: What We Wear

Future fashion has been the subject of speculation for centuries. For as long as people have paid attention to trends, someone has always been out to start a new one, to be the first to do the next big thing. Almost every science fiction classic lingers, at least briefly, on the matter of what’s being […]

Through the Future Lens: Kids

Children are the future, as the song says, but what does the future hold for them? The future is going to change how we raise kids, for certain. It’ll change how we have kids, too.  Maybe we’ll even get to a point where it’s par for the course for men to be pregnant—that’ll be something […]

Through the Future Lens: Tomorrow’s Sports

Sports—all kinds of physical and mental competition—have been an important part of every society recorded almost as far back as our history can reach. It stands to reason that the future would also have its share of sports and popular competitions. A look around at a lot of science fiction shows that other writers include […]

Through the Future Lens: Food

Food in the future has always been a popular source of speculation. Whether they imagine replicator-style units in Star Trek, plates of alien seaweed teeming with live insects in Titan AE, meal ‘pills’, tasteless rations, meat vats, yeast farms, and more, people have come up with as many visions of what food will be like […]

Through the Future Lens: Illness & Injury

For us, one of the fun things about science fiction is imagining how life will be better in the far future. In our stories set in the Pandora Project universe, we’ve dreamt of a world where cures have been found for most serious illnesses, where doctors can cure cancer and regrow organs—even whole limbs, given […]

Time to Make the Donuts: Finished!

First, there’s the thrill of being done. Accomplishing anything we set out to do always gets a gold star. And then there’s the chance to look over the finished product for the first time. Until it’s complete, it’s hard to see the whole picture. It’s a good feeling to look at the first draft for […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Romance Plot

We are well underway with our latest Pandora Project story. When it came to deciding what our couple would be like and the kind of romantic adventure they’d have in our story, we considered what we’ve written in the past for this setting. It’s mostly about new couples, attraction and even love at first sight. […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Characters

When last we posted, we were working on the setting for a new short story. We decided to set it within the Pandora Project universe, but outside the project proper. The story will not take place on the Auriga or Pandora, and won’t affect the overall plot of the novel series—but it may offer additional […]