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DNA tracking is now. Not the future.

If you read or write dystopian fiction, you may have considered whether or not big brother is watching. Or rather, what might happen in the future if we really did have a world-wide breakdown and the government became oppressive in all the evil, totalitarian ways of nightmares. Well, not to add to the paranoia of […]

Desert Blade cover

Out with the old, in with the new

2012 had some unique challenges for me. I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings. Already I know I’ll be facing a few firsts. In January, I’ll be a newbie at Arisia, a science fiction convention held in Boston. I’ll also be giving my first workshop at RWA New England Chapter’s […]

Coyote Con

Many of us ContactIF’ers will be attending the online conference Coyote Con starting tomorrow. On Friday Oct 26th, 9-10pm, we’re heading up GIRL COOTIES IN SF, led by JL Hilton, KC Burn, and Diane Dooley. I’ll be in attendence! There’s much more on offer. Earlier on Friday (8-9pm), JL will be on a STEAMPUNK panel. […]

Genre mashup: Steampunk and Space Opera??

I love genre mashups. Like putting Romance in Science Fiction (Plenty of those at Carina). A modern city in elf fantasy–kind of a blend of UF and high fantasy (Tinker by Wen Spencer). Vampires in space. Chocolate in my peanut butter. So when I started writing a space pirate story, somehow I ended up smooshing […]

Reader expectations

As the newest JK Rowling book, Casual Vacancy, hits the stores, it comes at a time when I’m pondering genre and reader expectation. Rowling is in a position that she can publish what she bloody well pleases. In her own words to the BBC, “I had nothing to prove. I don’t mean that in an […]

Name an Asteroid

Turns out the world could end in 2182. That’s when near-Earth asteroid 1999 RQ36 will swing by, “dangerously close“. Since this one could actually cause us trouble, NASA is naming it–or asking students to. I guess if you’re gonna get sideswiped, it’s best to know who’s doing it. In all seriousness, I’m an optimistic type. […]

All the data in your fingertip

Science fiction is getting that much more real. The latest science news has me pondering the possibilities. Researchers are developing ways to back up your hard drive to DNA. This sort of biotech leads to all sorts of interesting concepts. From the idea of a living ship ala Farscape to the “biocyph” seed technology in […]

The aliens did it!

Just a short post today, as summer vacation hasn’t just hit, but it’s also bringing the heat, making me limit computer time for a bit. But this grabbed my attention and I thought I’d share. The story is about how scientists are trying to show how the Easter Island Statues can walk. Story here. Video […]

What kind of sneakers?

I was traipsing along my merry way, as one does when procrastinating, when I saw this headline: Transgenic sneaker company grows custom designs on genetically engineered stingrays. After my first eye-popping, what the…? I clicked. The article discussed the company, Rayfish, and whether or not the claims are true that it’s growing these fancy-skinned stingrays […]

Words, words, words

The only thing I’m sure of, when it comes to the future, is that we will have words. Be it five years from now, or a thousand, I know we’ll still be speaking to each other. Okay, maybe even this is suspect, but just go with me, here. I’m assuming we don’t all turn into […]