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Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly launched

Out today… Run and read it now! 😀 (I especially love the flip version)

Unashamed writer of romance

…well, because I am. Romance gets its digs, its snide attacks, the claims that having an HEA is unrealistic. And as to the latter. So what? Life is grim enough. I don’t want to spend my time reading and writing works that–although satisfying artistically and with no denial about how that particular story has to […]

An Excerpt from Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships

Book 2 of the Agamemnon Frost serial, Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships released this week! 🙂 Book two of Agamemnon Frost Edgar Mason is ready to embark upon his new life at Agamemnon Frost’s side. But all is not perfect. His Martian overlord, Pandarus, has implanted a dark voice in his mind, a voice […]

Cover Reveal: Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers

As the first Agamemnon Frost book releases this week, I get to show off the third and final cover in the serial. This will release 14 October Book three of Agamemnon Frost Edgar Mason is losing Agamemnon Frost despite everything they’ve been through—the passion, the torture, the heat. Frost’s fiancée, Theodora, is back, and Mason […]

Move over Sherlock, Frost is coming…

Here’s a little advance peek at my new SF Historical/Steampunk m/m romance coming out with Carina Press 19 August. It’s a serial, the following novellas releasing in September and October. Book one of Agamemnon Frost Liverpool, 1891 Decorated artilleryman Edgar Mason was forced to find new work when the British Empire replaced its foot soldiers […]

…May smile and smile and be a villian…

So…yes, I’ve been thinking about SF villians. It may have a lot to do with Mr Cumberbatch there 🙂 I admit coming away from Star Trek Into Darkness with a reinforced obsession…and a bunny or three. John Harrison was almost a mirror held up to Kirk. Because what wouldn’t Kirk do in the fight to […]

Sex in Space

I was pondering my post here…and being blank of brain (Rather than SFR, I’ve been playing with dragons and hunting out cuneiform and demon masks made from sacred intestines–don’t ask) I pondered it aloud in a chatroom I frequent. Within moments, we were wondering how ejaculate would appear in zero gravity and would it act […]

Guess who’s coming to dinner…?

I realised today how many cook books I have. It’s surprising really as I fall into the ‘OMG! I can’t cook!!’ category of culinary expertise. Even How to Boil an Egg is complicated for me. So, my cookbooks aren’t about something I would actually make myself, they’re more about cooking through history. I have ones […]

Magnetism freebie

The series, PLANETARY BODIES, is set mostly around the Uranian moon, Miranda. The books started life as my wondering about how humans would fulfil their energy needs. I know, not the first place to look for erotic SFR… But, you throw people into a tin can of an atmosphere mining ship, blast them with something […]

Unseen Mars

My current book might have something to do with Mars…so when this opportunity popped up on the BBC this week, it sucked me straight in. Mapping Mars with images no one has ever seen before. Planet Four offers up images of the red planet for you to classify. It entails looking at sections of the […]