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Books, books, books aka Christmas swag

I’m fitting in a quick post before I have to consume the very very last of the turkey. I admit, I’m easy to buy for…as long as you buy me slightly odd and/or obscure reference books. This Christmas I bagged 5 – 4 on the seers, oracles and roman curiosities and one on synthetic biology. […]

Down the rabbit hole…

I’m about to start writing book 3 in my steampunk series, due out next year. I’ve been circling into it, preparing myself for the research–and trips–that come with alternative history fun. <–That’s my little office. The two cubes to the far right are now full of books too 🙂 I swore that I’d never write […]

Painted Promise snuck into an anthology…

Ellora’s Cave have put three of the art theme stories into print! Art of Amour. My contribution, Painted Promise, is a strange little tale that’s all about…timing. Thirza Girard is a clone. Her mirror image founded a thousand-year dynasty that spans the quadrant. The Girard family power is no accident. The original Thirza made a […]

Punching a velociraptor in the face and other quite interesting things…

Yes, this week I have mostly been watching Primeval. Series 1 and 2 have been on a loop on my computer as I attack my wip. It helps as a form of background noise. Though what this has to do with medieval fantasy and a fairly disgusting magic system, I have no clue. My brain […]

That pesky beast with two backs…

As always, Friday morning hits me and I think I have a vague idea about what I’m going to write here. I’m good, and collect interesting little scraps of information that have appeared in the last fortnight. As in, we could make our own Dyson Sphere in the next 50 years in these five easy […]

“Oh no, they’re all wearing beards!” …or travels in a parallel world

Beards are  evil. Especially goatees. That’s probably a fact you could take away from the original Star Trek series. That and Kirk breathed in a lot. Because of Star Trek’s influence, facial hair has become a trope for SF, signalling the divide between worlds. Apophis and Teal’C appear with the evil twin goatee in Stargate-SG1. […]

Sandwiches of unknown nature…

The title of the post is from Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. I read it and the SF nature of it jumped out at me. What? It did, my brain works like that… And it got me thinking about how I often tackle world building from a food standpoint. I’m reading a Mesopotamian cookbook at the […]

The hunt for the SF toilet. So where *do* you go…?

My house is a disaster zone. The nuclear bunker that was my bathroom–and yay for the builders in the 30s for deciding to waterproof the room with concrete–is a shell of itself. I have a bath in the bath position. Not plumbed in, but it’s obvious the room with only one right angle  in it […]

Getting ‘punked: Synthetic Dreams

Synthetic Dreams–a cyberpunk romance–released this week from Carina Press.  It’s my first push into the ‘punks (I have a not-quite-a-steam-punk and bio-punk lurking in the background too) and I’m hooked. Dreams started with an image of my hero, Paul Cross, sitting on the heroine’s battered couch, waiting for the heroine, Vyn. The room was reminiscent […]

I should be…

Twitter is, it has to be said, has within it an endless supply of…stuff. If it’s happened, happening or going to happen it’ll explode on Twitter first. I love it for that reason. And I also love it for the fact that there have been ideas that have slammed me upside the head from it […]