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Celebrating the Confederacy Treaty Series

All week I’ve been celebrating my series! I am on tour promoting Alien Revealed, the first book in my erotic sci-fi romance series, The Confederacy Treaty. I loved Alien Revealed and if you would like to learn about it, or about me, and have a chance or two to win a copy, check out some […]

More on Fan Fiction

I know we’ve talked about this before. But the phenomenon fascinates me. Fan fiction—it’s everywhere. For every TV show, book series or movie ever scripted, there seems to be a fan, or many, many fans, who want to take the elements and characters of that world and make it their own.  Harry Potter, The Heralds […]

A Little Off Topic

Okay, I know this is a sci-fi log, but I am so happy with a short paranormal erotic novella I intend to self publish on June 1st that I can’t help but put a little something on there to tell you all about it. First, don’t you love this cover?  Like I said last time, […]

An Apology and a Prezzie!

Hello to my friends and fellow authors and to all who enjoy reading this blog! I am so sorry I haven’t been on here for a while. I had a very bad case of pneumonia. Then, just as I seemed over it, I got it again. Then when I finally returned to my day job, […]

A Sneak Peek!

Since I am working through my revisions right now on my third sci-fi erotic book from Carina Press (releasing in June, 2012), I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak of the story.  Part three of the Confederacy Treaty Series, Undercover Alliance begins like this (pssst – I kind of think of my hero as […]

Do You Dream in Color?

The other day a really cool bit of sci-fi news caught my eye (yes, I like to read weird stuff, don’t you?) and made me think of the old question – Do you dream in color? This was a topic of discussion in psych class years ago – they claimed that most people dream in black & white, […]

I’m Dreaming of a Sci-fi Christmas…

Recently our publisher, Carina Press, put out a call for submissions for a Sci-Fi winter holiday anthology. Interesting, I thought. But to be honest everything I think about Christmas comes up awfully cheesy when I think about it in terms of sci-fi. So I thought I would do a little on line searching. The art […]

Future Families In SFR by Melisse Aires

Welcome Melisse Aires, our guest author today for the 2nd annual OUT OF THIS WORLD blog tour! FUTURE FAMILIES IN SFR In a galaxy, far far away, as our heroine hurdles through space as a crewmember of a starship, are her thoughts of romance and family? Does she want to marry, mate, contract or pair […]

Out Of This World Blog Tour

Hi All! This is a bit of a cheater post, as I am taking my spot to tell you about the second annual OUT OF THIS WORLD blog tour that begins Saturday! Featuring Sci-fi Romance authors whose stories take place “out of this world,” i.e. space ships, other planets, alternate timelines, etc., we’ll be talking […]

Celebrate & Plan – The Way of the Series Writer

This week I am celebrating the signing of my newest contract with Carina Press – for the third book in my erotic sci-fi romance series, The Confederacy Treaty. It’s called UNDERCOVER ALLIANCE. Yippee!!!!! Here’s a wee bit about it: Undercover Alliance             When Inarrii Sergeant Sarina Tariim accepts a position off-ship to guard the human […]