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Who Got it Right? A History of the Future

To celebrate the release of Cyber Sparks, I’ve invited its heroine, Allegra Mondebay, to give you some fascinating insights into the 23rd Century. It took a bottle of Vodka McCormick’s to convince her, but the men in the room (including me) all agree it was worth it. Now, she isn’t much of a history buff, […]

Summer Glau in Science Fiction

Thwarted not once, but twice in the middle of fascinating character arcs on science fiction TV shows, Summer Glau remains a should be/would be superstar. Her portrayal of the psychologically damaged child prodigy River Tam in Joss Whedon’s Firefly (and Serenity) chills, touches, and ultimately explodes in balletic, kick-ass style. The writing hints and teases […]

SF Book Launch – Pyro Canyon

It’s launch day today for the two Editor’s Choice anniversary anthologies at Carina Press. While Volume 1, edited by Angela James,  is devoted exclusively to romance (and is amazing, according to early reviews), Volume 2  is where all the genre fun is at. Last October, editor Deb Nemeth invited four returning authors to represent our […]

Upcoming SF at Carina Press: Cyber Sparks

I’m a big fan of mystery elements in SF stories. One of my all-time favourites is Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, in which an intrepid human crew enters a giant, hollow alien cylinder adrift in our solar system. They know absolutely nothing about its origin or contents, and little by little, you could […]

Milla vs The World

In the latest Resident Evil film, Afterlife, the franchise’s deadly heroine—known simply as Alice—appears as a small army of cloned warriors, each as gifted as the original. But during the opening action scene, they’re nearly all killed off. Bam! Okay, so it was a loopy idea to begin with, but come on, multiple kick-ass Alices—if […]

Science Fiction at the Oscars

I like watching the Academy Awards and will always watch them. Shallow though the show itself may be, it’s a celebration of (some of) the year’s best achievements in entertainment, be they artistic or technical. It’s an opportunity to briefly meet the men and women behind the magic. And it can be a pretty good spectacle in its own right. But […]

Creating a SF Novel: Part 1

To celebrate the upcoming release of my new SF novel, Sparks in Cosmic Dust (September 26, 2011, Carina Press), I’ll be posting a five-part look at the book’s development, from initial concept to book launch. I’ll also be giving away one SF title from my back catalogue with each segment, ending with a special Sparks […]

SF Poetry: In Search of the Inventor

In 2004, before I’d written my first serious SF story, I was a member of an online writing community that critiqued poetry as well as prose. My particular fascination was with narrative rhyming verse–an all-but-obsolete form nowadays (shame)–and I managed to find a few fellow bards willing to collaborate. Yes, we exist…out there, somewhere. One of these […]

Where No Great Story Goes Untold

I must admit, when I first saw that motto on the Carina Press website, my first reaction was, “Yeah, that’s what they all say at first.” Most digital publishers talk a good game, but very few live up to their early promise. The reasons for that are many and varied. I’ve only been published for […]

Top 10 SF Movie Heroines

After finishing my latest SF novel, Sparks in Cosmic Dust, which features three tough, resourceful heroines, I decided to go back and pinpoint the major influences on those characters. Most of them are movie heroines. Though there are some actresses/characters I like from 1950s SF, they’re very much in their heroes’ shadows, and the birth […]