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A TV show like Star Trek will get around to covering pretty much every hot-button topic before long — war, government corruption, imperialism, communism, religion, you name it. Star Trek made several heavy-handed attempts to tackle racism early on, but to me, it took them 35 years to really tackle and understand the issue in […]

No, this is Area 12. You’re gonna wanna head back the way you came.

In September of 2011, I made one of the ultimate sci-fi nerd pilgrimages — I rented a car in Las Vegas and drove to Dreamland. Or, really, I drove to just outside of Dreamland. My pal Jeremy and I make semi-regular jaunts to Vegas, and we’re both huge Star Trek geeks (he was the first […]

Forward… to the Future!

Hey! Remember me? Probably not, as my last posting was June of 2011… which, in Internet time, is somewhere around the late Triassic. By way of reintroduction: I’m Shawn Kupfer, and I wrote 47 Echo, as well as its sequel, Supercritical. I’m currently stationed in the DFW Metroplex in the rather large expanse of Texas. […]

Fire up the plot-hole truck!

I was doing some reading on conspiracy theories the other day (thanks for the time-suck, Wikipedia), and I came across the entry for The Philadelphia Experiment. I read through it, then remembered seeing the movie was on Netflix Watch Instantly. That night, I decided to give it a watch. Well, it was definitely a low-budget […]

Extinction Level Event

So, I was reading about the Tunguska meteor impact the other day. Yeah, that’s kinda how I roll. Anyway, I learned that the chunk of space rock that decided to mess up Siberia’s shit hit with the force of several thermonuclear blasts. Yeah. Several. No matter how hard we try to make bigger and bigger […]

It’s a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an enigma.

As a newly minted resident of the Dallas, TX area, there was something I wanted to do as soon as I knew we were moving here, and this weekend, I did it. The wife and I spent Saturday at Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum, the site of the JFK assassination in 1963. Of […]

For my next vacation. . .

So, last night I was reading a Web site where a guy was examining the time travel problems in different movies (I don’t have the link on me, but I’ll update later when I track it down). The guy had done a lot of work on each film, pointing out the paradoxes and how they […]


So, lately I’ve gotten into Jericho, a show I apparently completely missed when it aired back in 2006-2007. It concerned a small town in central Kansas that witnessed nuclear attacks on 23 American cities, and the aftermath of those attacks. It was actually a pretty good show, and I watched both existing seasons in the […]

Reflections on a self-edit

I’m a big fan of beta readers. I like to let people look at something I’ve written and give me notes on it, because I like to see how an audience will see the story once it’s out there. When I wrote the first 47 Echo book, I had a couple of thousand beta-readers, all […]

The Future is nothing like we were promised

I had a thought while getting ready for work this morning — we’re only four years from the events chronicled in the 1990 documentary Back To The Future: Part II. Yet as I look around, I see no hoverboards. Goldie Wilson III is not offering to hover-convert my old road car for only $39,999.95. I […]