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Redefining sexy with dwarves, demons and aliens

I’ve loved science fiction and fantasy my whole life. I saw the first STAR WARS in the 70s, played with the original Battlestar Galactica toys, wrote a fan letter to “Buck Rogers” Gil Gerard, and never missed a TWILIGHT ZONE or STAR TREK rerun. Some of my favorite movies were THE TIME MACHINE (1960), TIME […]


New science fiction shows are a constant source of excitement in the Fox household. No matter how many times the best or most promising ones get cancelled, we’re still full of hope at every new opportunity. So, when Helix was announced on the SyFy channel, we settled in to watch. The show had a promising […]

Future Tech & Plot Bunnies

This is going to be super quick – I forgot I was going to be in a hotel room this morning, prior to going to an NHL hockey game (my first live playoff game). Last week on Facebook, I came across these links (and I can’t for the life of me remember who posted them […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Characters

When last we posted, we were working on the setting for a new short story. We decided to set it within the Pandora Project universe, but outside the project proper. The story will not take place on the Auriga or Pandora, and won’t affect the overall plot of the novel series—but it may offer additional […]

Sci-Fi Quiz: Movie Couples

From budding teen romances to epic love sagas that cross light-years and even alien species, the pairing of science fiction movie couples has kept us enthralled, nauseous, captivated, and eye-rollingly amused for decades now. Some take centre stage, while others bubble away in the background. The best are for the ages; the worst can suck even the most promising premise into […]

Catching Fire – The Odds in its Favor

Director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) is currently shooting the sequel to one of 2012’s most anticipated, most scrutinised, and ultimately most applauded blockbuster releases—The Hunger Games, based on the worldwide bestseller by Suzanne Collins. Lawrence stepped into the science fiction franchise on the heels of Gary Ross, the veteran writer-director of film one, […]

Talking about “Liar’s Game” with author Kait Gamble

I recently read Liar’s Game by Kait Gamble, published by Carina Press. It’s a novella about a rag-tag crew of former prison inmates who are presumed dead and want it to remain that way. But, as a result, they’re stuck living in space, scrounging to survive. A bit like Firefly. They find a stowaway on […]

Dances with tropes

I have to avoid the site TV TROPES at all costs, unless I’m willing to lose two or three hours of my day. For me, it’s worse than Wikipedia, and The Onion all put together. Once I land there, I just can’t tear myself away. For the uninitiated, here’s a description from the site’s main […]

The Planned Blake’s 7 Reboot: Let the Fangirls Speak!

Okay, ladies – settle down. Settle down, I say! Jaleta – how many Gargle Blasters have you had? Pippa – put away your teleport bracelet that was actually used in the show before someone steals it. Ahem. We are gathered here in the sight of the dearly departed Terry Nation to discuss issues of the […]

Who Got it Right? A History of the Future

To celebrate the release of Cyber Sparks, I’ve invited its heroine, Allegra Mondebay, to give you some fascinating insights into the 23rd Century. It took a bottle of Vodka McCormick’s to convince her, but the men in the room (including me) all agree it was worth it. Now, she isn’t much of a history buff, […]