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I’d better have seen Star Trek by now!

In case it wasn’t clear, I scheduled this post ahead of time, because I’m on a week-long cruise right now with my in-laws.  I’m also on a super crazy deadline, which means I need to spend at least half the cruise writing. Then again, most writers I know have a hard time turning it off […]

When Science meets Cthulhu

I think I promised you another nonsense blog, right? I’m still on a crazy deadline, although I did manage to make the move across the country (cat as carry-on & all) with only minor mishaps. Thanks to my lovely husband, who found this link for my blog, ensuring I could devote more time to my […]

T Minus 10 Days…

I’m not even sure I’m using that title anywhere near correctly, but since I’ve got 6 days left in the office at my day job, 10 days left before my cross-country move, AND 19 days before I’ve got a (non-sci-fi) manuscript due, the brain isn’t quite engaged on non-move, non-writing subjects. Stress… I haz it. […]

Einstein and Pizza π

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, 134 years ago. (Oh! Rearrange those numbers and what do ya got?) With such an auspicious birthday, 3.14, he went on to help develop the atomic bomb, the theory of relativity, and received the Nobel Peace Prize. I wonder. When he worked on all those equations in his mountains […]

Hodge Podge

The evil, never-ending manuscript is finally done! Needs some editing still, but DONE nonetheless. I was aiming for 40K and ended up with 66K. But that wasn’t the only issue. During the making of this most recent sci-fi: I had several months of back pain such that I was physically incapable of writing. My father […]

10 Fun Space Tweets

I see the coolest things on Twitter. Things I probably would never have discovered otherwise. Some of it I could have probably done without (now it’s just like space junk floating around in my head taking up valuable space) but some of it is interesting and entertaining. Best of all, some of it is perfect […]