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Move over Sherlock, Frost is coming…

Here’s a little advance peek at my new SF Historical/Steampunk m/m romance coming out with Carina Press 19 August. It’s a serial, the following novellas releasing in September and October. Book one of Agamemnon Frost Liverpool, 1891 Decorated artilleryman Edgar Mason was forced to find new work when the British Empire replaced its foot soldiers […]

Borderline – Free SF Novella on Kindle

Because there’s nothing like a blast of SF adrenaline to get an author’s creative juices flowing. I pretty much ground to a halt last year, toiling away on a hugely complicated steampunk project that sapped my stamina to nought. So I decided to take a month off to write something just for fun—a stripped-down, hell-for-leather getaway chase across an […]

Paranormal – Sci-fi Romance FREE Read

I read somewhere the other day that the first science fiction story is considered to be Lucian’s (a Syrian author of the 2nd century), True History. Apparently it’s filled with travels to space, aliens and interplanetary warfare! I am feeling super motivated to track it down and see what it’s all about! My son’s name […]

Magnetism freebie

The series, PLANETARY BODIES, is set mostly around the Uranian moon, Miranda. The books started life as my wondering about how humans would fulfil their energy needs. I know, not the first place to look for erotic SFR… But, you throw people into a tin can of an atmosphere mining ship, blast them with something […]

Adventures in 2013 – Anna Hackett

2012 was a great year for me. I saw the release of my very first sci-fi romance, WINTER FUSION and it was also part of the Carina Press anthology, A GALACTIC HOLIDAY. I released my first self-published book, TIME THIEF in my Anomaly Trilogy (paranormal romance with a touch of X-Men) and its sequel, MIND […]

Looking Back; Looking Forward

2012 was an interesting year, full of new experiences. I had three novellas released and two short stories published. I wrote a lot of blog posts and put up some free short stories on the blog. I participated in an online writers and readers conference and got more involved with the Science Fiction Romance Brigade. […]

Introducing: Anna Hackett

I’m pleased to introduce one of Carina Press’ most recent additions to the science fiction stable: Anna Hackett, author of Winter Fusion, one of three novellas in A GALACTIC HOLIDAY. Diane: Welcome to Contact: Infinite Futures, Anna! Tell us a little about yourself. Anna: It is wonderful to be here! I can’t tell you how […]

Talking about “Liar’s Game” with author Kait Gamble

I recently read Liar’s Game by Kait Gamble, published by Carina Press. It’s a novella about a rag-tag crew of former prison inmates who are presumed dead and want it to remain that way. But, as a result, they’re stuck living in space, scrounging to survive. A bit like Firefly. They find a stowaway on […]

Coming Soon from Carina Press..

My second sci fi novella from Carina Press will be released soon: September 24th, 2012. I’m currently suffering from pre-release jitters (is it just me that experiences this?) Once release day hits and it’s out there in the world, I’ll be fine. T minus seven days until I get my mental health back and I’ll […]

Who Got it Right? A History of the Future

To celebrate the release of Cyber Sparks, I’ve invited its heroine, Allegra Mondebay, to give you some fascinating insights into the 23rd Century. It took a bottle of Vodka McCormick’s to convince her, but the men in the room (including me) all agree it was worth it. Now, she isn’t much of a history buff, […]