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Sci-fi to Science Reality

I was going to write a post today about how scientists are working with ultrasonics to produce levitation on both a large level (moving platforms) and on a tiny, near molecular level in medicinal studies, and how this is similar to the ay my stories have used ultrasonics for ship propulsion and showers, among other […]

Chocolate and Space: Two of my favorite things

My edits are finished! It’s always such a great feeling for an author to put the final polish on a story and send it off, ready to head off into the world to hopefully thrill, excite and inspire readers. The story I just finished, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, is for the upcoming Contact:IF anthology, INFINITE FUTURES. […]

Time to Make the Donuts: Finished!

First, there’s the thrill of being done. Accomplishing anything we set out to do always gets a gold star. And then there’s the chance to look over the finished product for the first time. Until it’s complete, it’s hard to see the whole picture. It’s a good feeling to look at the first draft for […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Romance Plot

We are well underway with our latest Pandora Project story. When it came to deciding what our couple would be like and the kind of romantic adventure they’d have in our story, we considered what we’ve written in the past for this setting. It’s mostly about new couples, attraction and even love at first sight. […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Characters

When last we posted, we were working on the setting for a new short story. We decided to set it within the Pandora Project universe, but outside the project proper. The story will not take place on the Auriga or Pandora, and won’t affect the overall plot of the novel series—but it may offer additional […]

Magnetism freebie

The series, PLANETARY BODIES, is set mostly around the Uranian moon, Miranda. The books started life as my wondering about how humans would fulfil their energy needs. I know, not the first place to look for erotic SFR… But, you throw people into a tin can of an atmosphere mining ship, blast them with something […]

Time to Make the Donuts: The Setting

Over the next month, we’re going to be writing a new short story for an upcoming science fiction and science fiction romance anthology. We’re inviting you to join us for the ride. Though every story is different, in this case, the first step was to decide the setting. We immediately knew we wanted to set […]

Adventures in 2013 – Anna Hackett

2012 was a great year for me. I saw the release of my very first sci-fi romance, WINTER FUSION and it was also part of the Carina Press anthology, A GALACTIC HOLIDAY. I released my first self-published book, TIME THIEF in my Anomaly Trilogy (paranormal romance with a touch of X-Men) and its sequel, MIND […]

Looking Back; Looking Forward

2012 was an interesting year, full of new experiences. I had three novellas released and two short stories published. I wrote a lot of blog posts and put up some free short stories on the blog. I participated in an online writers and readers conference and got more involved with the Science Fiction Romance Brigade. […]

Goofy heroes and kind heroines

The other night, my 12-year-old daughter asked me, “Who do you think would play Duin if they made a movie of your books?” She’s read versions of Stellarnet Rebel and Stellarnet Prince, in which I’ve removed the adult scenes and sexual references. Duin is her favorite character in the Stellarnet Series. She says he is […]