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The Killing Joke

I just read the comic The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. For the most part, my comics reading has been over on the Marvel side and I rarely read DC comics. But while I enjoy the new “reboot” Batman movies, I’d yet to pick up the comics. (This may have something to […]

Hodge Podge

The evil, never-ending manuscript is finally done! Needs some editing still, but DONE nonetheless. I was aiming for 40K and ended up with 66K. But that wasn’t the only issue. During the making of this most recent sci-fi: I had several months of back pain such that I was physically incapable of writing. My father […]


A TV show like Star Trek will get around to covering pretty much every hot-button topic before long — war, government corruption, imperialism, communism, religion, you name it. Star Trek made several heavy-handed attempts to tackle racism early on, but to me, it took them 35 years to really tackle and understand the issue in […]

Sci-Fi Quiz: Movie Couples

From budding teen romances to epic love sagas that cross light-years and even alien species, the pairing of science fiction movie couples has kept us enthralled, nauseous, captivated, and eye-rollingly amused for decades now. Some take centre stage, while others bubble away in the background. The best are for the ages; the worst can suck even the most promising premise into […]

No, this is Area 12. You’re gonna wanna head back the way you came.

In September of 2011, I made one of the ultimate sci-fi nerd pilgrimages — I rented a car in Las Vegas and drove to Dreamland. Or, really, I drove to just outside of Dreamland. My pal Jeremy and I make semi-regular jaunts to Vegas, and we’re both huge Star Trek geeks (he was the first […]

Alienation in Science Fiction

Let’s face it, the final frontier is pretty lonely. The closer we get to the stars, the father we get from home. The more “plugged in” to our technology we become, the more isolated we feel. The more answers we find, the more questions we raise. It’s the ultimate alienation, which is one of the […]

Forward… to the Future!

Hey! Remember me? Probably not, as my last posting was June of 2011… which, in Internet time, is somewhere around the late Triassic. By way of reintroduction: I’m Shawn Kupfer, and I wrote 47 Echo, as well as its sequel, Supercritical. I’m currently stationed in the DFW Metroplex in the rather large expanse of Texas. […]

Where’s Lilly?

Hi everyone! You may have noticed I haven’t been on for a bit. In fact I haven’t been on since before Hal-Con. Well let me tell you about that first. Hal-con, Atlantic Canada’s Science fiction and fantasy convention, was a blast! I met with writers and readers and mingled with stars. I got a chance […]

Halloween Fun Times (NSFW)

Yes, once again, I’m gonna bring down the professional tone of this blog.  You were warned 😉 A few weeks ago when I was preparing for my birthday trip to Boston, while searching for – no joke – “travel size plastic bottles”, I discovered the I Rub My Wormie personal vibrator.  I think they may […]

On Artificial Intelligence

You could say it all started with Frankenstein. Man creates lifeform using science. Lifeform yearns to be like man. Realises it can never be. Seeks to punish man. Man becomes trapped by his own creation. It’s one of the staple themes of science fiction, and one of the most popular: the revenge of technology on […]