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When Science Makes Fiction Obsolete

It used to be that you could write a novel and put it in a drawer for six to twelve months. In fact, that used to be recommended. Lately, you can’t stop for long at all before your science fiction just becomes the present. NASA has just validated the principles behind an “impossible” space drive, […]

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly launched

Out today… Run and read it now! 😀 (I especially love the flip version)

Unashamed writer of romance

…well, because I am. Romance gets its digs, its snide attacks, the claims that having an HEA is unrealistic. And as to the latter. So what? Life is grim enough. I don’t want to spend my time reading and writing works that–although satisfying artistically and with no denial about how that particular story has to […]

Sci-fi to Science Reality

I was going to write a post today about how scientists are working with ultrasonics to produce levitation on both a large level (moving platforms) and on a tiny, near molecular level in medicinal studies, and how this is similar to the ay my stories have used ultrasonics for ship propulsion and showers, among other […]

Science Fiction and stereotypes

By now, many of you have probably seen some of the recent issues going around the SFF world related to gender. If not, there was a backlash in the SFWA regarding recent bulletin issues. Some of this is explained by E. Catherine Tobler and a list of links was compiled by Jim C. Hines and […]

Through the Future Lens: Kids

Children are the future, as the song says, but what does the future hold for them? The future is going to change how we raise kids, for certain. It’ll change how we have kids, too.  Maybe we’ll even get to a point where it’s par for the course for men to be pregnant—that’ll be something […]

Is it “science fiction,” “sci-fi” or “SF”?

I still don’t grok the difference between “science fiction,” “sci-fi” and “SF.” Like religion, I’ve been warned to choose the right one, or else, but there’s a load of disagreement as to which one is right. I’ve been told that “science fiction” refers to the real stuff — science-based literature exploring the relationship between technology […]

Through the Future Lens: Tomorrow’s Sports

Sports—all kinds of physical and mental competition—have been an important part of every society recorded almost as far back as our history can reach. It stands to reason that the future would also have its share of sports and popular competitions. A look around at a lot of science fiction shows that other writers include […]

Futuristic Space Sex

Now that I have everyone’s attention we can proceed with the rest of the blog. I’ll admit when Ella first asked me to guest blog, I panicked. You see, though I’ve studied critical literary analysis and dissected books through the various lenses, I tend to think in terms of emotions when I talk of plots, […]

Through the Future Lens: Food

Food in the future has always been a popular source of speculation. Whether they imagine replicator-style units in Star Trek, plates of alien seaweed teeming with live insects in Titan AE, meal ‘pills’, tasteless rations, meat vats, yeast farms, and more, people have come up with as many visions of what food will be like […]