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Can’t Stop the Serenity 2013

This month, seven authors from Contact-Infinite Futures joined Dark Horse Comics, Felicia Day, Think Geek, Joss Whedon and many others in sponsoring Can’t Stop the Serenity 2013. In support of charity fundraiser screenings of Serenity, we’ve donated some of our favorite titles in a special ebook collection to be awarded in raffles, drawings or door […]

2012 Year in Review

The authors and hosts of Contact-Infinite Futures all have SF or SFR books from Carina Press. So, I thought I’d use my last post of the year to list our books published in 2012. I’m honored to be among this interesting, intelligent, fun and creative group of authors. – J.L. Hilton Cathy Pegau Caught in […]

All the Stellarnet Prince things!

Here’s my schedule from Halloween through the month of November. Most of it revolves around the release of Stellarnet Prince, book two in the Stellarnet Series, release date Nov 12, currently available for pre-order from Amazon, B&N, Google and on Netgalley for reviewers. For a list of all of my current and upcoming giveaways, click […]

Do I Really Need That?

Next week I’ll be heading to the Big City for a few medical appointments. Chances are great that I’ll be having my gallbladder removed. (Not fun, but not nearly the major surgical procedure my mother went through forty years ago.  Where she spent a seek in the hospital, had difficulty getting around for a while, […]

Five Reasons to Love Spec Fiction–Elsewhere

Cheater post today! I’m over at Sarah Makela’s blog http://blog.sarahmakela.com/2011/08/guest-author-cathy-pegau.html where I’ve listed Five Reasons I Love Speculative Fiction. Pop on over, if you would. Thanks!