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When Science Makes Fiction Obsolete

It used to be that you could write a novel and put it in a drawer for six to twelve months. In fact, that used to be recommended. Lately, you can’t stop for long at all before your science fiction just becomes the present. NASA has just validated the principles behind an “impossible” space drive, […]

Science fiction romance

Let the Adventure Begin: Release Day Contest for AT STAR’S END

The most famous treasure hunter of all time is of course, Indiana Jones. He’s raced across our screens in pursuit of treasure (and to save the day!) with his fedora, bullwhip and fear of snakes. I read a super fun fact about Raiders of the Lost Ark the other day: that R2D2 and C3PO appear […]

Another New Author

  Hello Everyone! I’ve just joined Contact Infinite Futures as a new Carina Press author! I joined in November with a contract for my New Adult sci-fi series Bloodstones. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it. Book 1 is currently called Glass Boots and you could think of it as a sort of sci-fi Cinderella. Here’s […]

2012 Year in Review

The authors and hosts of Contact-Infinite Futures all have SF or SFR books from Carina Press. So, I thought I’d use my last post of the year to list our books published in 2012. I’m honored to be among this interesting, intelligent, fun and creative group of authors. – J.L. Hilton Cathy Pegau Caught in […]

Cover art: Stellarnet Prince by J.L. Hilton

I finally received the cover for my next book, Stellarnet Prince, which is coming out in November. Not that the art was late or anything, I was just impatient to see it! I’m so excited about this next installment in the Stellarnet Series. I think I’m starting to feel like a “real” author now that […]

Marketing, Or the More Things Change, The More they Stay the Same

There was a time when selling a book meant huge investments in advertising by the publisher and for the author a long period of appearances on a tour to as many bookstores as would take them. Now, with the growth of the internet, advertising dollars are quickly and thinly spread. It is up to the […]

Celebrating the Confederacy Treaty Series

All week I’ve been celebrating my series! I am on tour promoting Alien Revealed, the first book in my erotic sci-fi romance series, The Confederacy Treaty. I loved Alien Revealed and if you would like to learn about it, or about me, and have a chance or two to win a copy, check out some […]

Out Of This World Blog Tour

Hi All! This is a bit of a cheater post, as I am taking my spot to tell you about the second annual OUT OF THIS WORLD blog tour that begins Saturday! Featuring Sci-fi Romance authors whose stories take place “out of this world,” i.e. space ships, other planets, alternate timelines, etc., we’ll be talking […]

The Naked Truth – About Language

The Naked Truth released this week at Carina Press! And, it released as an audible title at Audible.com! As book two in a sci-fi series, I had already developed some of the language that the Inarrii speak. As members of the Confederation, a conglomeration of races from around the nearer part of our universe, they […]