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When Science Makes Fiction Obsolete

It used to be that you could write a novel and put it in a drawer for six to twelve months. In fact, that used to be recommended. Lately, you can’t stop for long at all before your science fiction just becomes the present. NASA has just validated the principles behind an “impossible” space drive, […]

What Will They Think of Next?

A torus is a shape that crops up often in science fiction, when space stations and other creations—like the Halo of the eponymous video game—are imagined. Basically, it’s a very big donut, which seems to be an open invitation to snacking by space creatures but it’s been a popular idea all along. Now, apparently, someone’s […]

Future Ethics — The Past

The future is already here in many ways, bringing us ethical challenges that make for fantastic stories and gripping conflicts, both now and in the distant future. Some of those issues have been explored in blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, which speculates about a present in which science has outstripped present progress. Bringing back the […]

In the Future: The Big Sleep

One of the big barriers to space travel for humans is…well, being human. That’s a common theme in movies about interstellar travel. We get bored. We stab each other in the back. We go crazy. But no matter how we get out there, the trip is going to be a long one—and the moment it’s […]

We live in the world we imagined

The Buzzfeed article “27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012” illustrates a point I’ve argued on this blog before: “The future is here.” This is one of the challenges of writing science fiction in the 21st century. When German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote Somnium in the 1600s, he offered a detailed […]

10 Fun Space Tweets

I see the coolest things on Twitter. Things I probably would never have discovered otherwise. Some of it I could have probably done without (now it’s just like space junk floating around in my head taking up valuable space) but some of it is interesting and entertaining. Best of all, some of it is perfect […]

Is science innovation driven by science fiction?

Arizona State University recently opened its new Center for Science and the Imagination to bring together scientists and science fiction authors. From the NYTimes: Its first projects include a collaboration with the chip maker Intel, which has created a Tomorrow Project to generate “science-based” conversations about the future. The center will collaborate with (cyberpunk author […]

Warp drive on its way to a reality near you

In Stellarnet Rebel, I refer to physicists inventing “particle engines” to “shift” space. I had to come up with some easy way for my heroine Genny O’Riordan to move from Earth to Asteria Colony — located on a planet orbiting one of the suns of the Alpha Centauri system. In a brief and (supposedly) painless blink, […]

Do You Dream in Color?

The other day a really cool bit of sci-fi news caught my eye (yes, I like to read weird stuff, don’t you?) and made me think of the old question – Do you dream in color? This was a topic of discussion in psych class years ago – they claimed that most people dream in black & white, […]

Goodbye Space Shuttle, We Salute You

Atlantis? Early this morning, before dawn, the last space shuttle landed. After 135 flights, there will be no more. Now I am Canadian, and not American, but this image brings some pretty sad thoughts. The Space Shuttle program has been in operation for thirty years.Canadahas given a good bit of our technology and people to […]