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Steampunk adventure for the whole boring family

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box is a 2014 British fantasy adventure film starring Michael Sheen, Sam Neill, Lena Headey, Ioan Gruffudd, Keeley Hawes, and Aneurin Barnard in the title role.  * * * The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box is a Victorian steampunk movie for the entire family… assuming the entire family enjoys watching […]

Cover Reveal: Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers

As the first Agamemnon Frost book releases this week, I get to show off the third and final cover in the serial. This will release 14 October Book three of Agamemnon Frost Edgar Mason is losing Agamemnon Frost despite everything they’ve been through—the passion, the torture, the heat. Frost’s fiancée, Theodora, is back, and Mason […]

Genre mashup: Steampunk and Space Opera??

I love genre mashups. Like putting Romance in Science Fiction (Plenty of those at Carina). A modern city in elf fantasy–kind of a blend of UF and high fantasy (Tinker by Wen Spencer). Vampires in space. Chocolate in my peanut butter. So when I started writing a space pirate story, somehow I ended up smooshing […]

Top 10 favorite sci-fi moments

I’m not about to attempt a ranking of the best sci-fi moments of all time. If you want some of that, there’s Ultimate Top Ten Sci-Fi Moments, 20 Great “All Seems Lost” Moments in Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Classic Sci-fi Moments Recreated in Lego, among others. Or you could check out Top 10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi […]

Steamy Austrian airship doctors will cure whatever ails you

Last month I attended ConTemporal, a new convention of steampunk and science fiction in North Carolina. I didn’t see any Stormtroopers, Klingons or Superheroes. But for someone who loves BBC-TV, it was even better. I felt as if I’d walked onto the set of a Victorian costume drama — which tickled me pink. Speaking of […]

How do you define steampunk?

Next weekend I’ll be at ConTemporal, a new sci-fi convention in North Carolina that is “planting its roots in Steampunk,” according to its website. Guests will include steampunk authors Cherie Priest, Clay and Susan Griffith, and John Claude Bemis, and steampunk artists from Brute Force Studios, Hatton Cross Steampunk and Penny Dreadful Productions. And me. […]

Storyteller and jewelsmith

I’ll be at ConCarolinas throughout the weekend of June 1-3, in the dealer room wearing my other hat for JLH Jewelry. (And promoting my books, as always, but I won’t be on any author panels.) I design and create science fiction themed jewelry, so I thought I’d share a little bit of what I do […]

Fun from StellarCon36

I was a guest at StellarCon36, a SF/F convention in High Point, NC, earlier this month. So, I thought I’d share some of the highlights. I met Mark Poole, the StellarCon artist guest of honor. He’s from South Carolina and illustrated more than 1000 cards for games such as Magic, White Wolf’s Vampire, Battletech, and […]

Be my sci-fi valentine

Science fiction was a part of my life from a very early age, and no doubt played in a role in shaping my early concepts about romance and the types of men I would eventually love. So I thought for Valentine’s Day, I’d reflect on some of the sci-fi couples I recall from my childhood… […]

Future Families In SFR by Melisse Aires

Welcome Melisse Aires, our guest author today for the 2nd annual OUT OF THIS WORLD blog tour! FUTURE FAMILIES IN SFR In a galaxy, far far away, as our heroine hurdles through space as a crewmember of a starship, are her thoughts of romance and family? Does she want to marry, mate, contract or pair […]