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When Science Makes Fiction Obsolete

It used to be that you could write a novel and put it in a drawer for six to twelve months. In fact, that used to be recommended. Lately, you can’t stop for long at all before your science fiction just becomes the present. NASA has just validated the principles behind an “impossible” space drive, […]

We live in the world we imagined

The Buzzfeed article “27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012” illustrates a point I’ve argued on this blog before: “The future is here.” This is one of the challenges of writing science fiction in the 21st century. When German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote Somnium in the 1600s, he offered a detailed […]

The Year to Come: J.L. Hilton

In many ways, 2012 dazzled me. My debut novel Stellarnet Rebel released in January and the sequel Stellarnet Prince followed in November. I attended my first science fiction convention, Illogicon, and went on to participate in StellarCon, ConCarolinas, ConTemporal, Escapist Expo, NC Spec Fiction Night and the Geek Gala. As “author J.L. Hilton” I sponsored […]

That pesky beast with two backs…

As always, Friday morning hits me and I think I have a vague idea about what I’m going to write here. I’m good, and collect interesting little scraps of information that have appeared in the last fortnight. As in, we could make our own Dyson Sphere in the next 50 years in these five easy […]

Creating a SF Novel: Part 1

To celebrate the upcoming release of my new SF novel, Sparks in Cosmic Dust (September 26, 2011, Carina Press), I’ll be posting a five-part look at the book’s development, from initial concept to book launch. I’ll also be giving away one SF title from my back catalogue with each segment, ending with a special Sparks […]

Fire up the plot-hole truck!

I was doing some reading on conspiracy theories the other day (thanks for the time-suck, Wikipedia), and I came across the entry for The Philadelphia Experiment. I read through it, then remembered seeing the movie was on Netflix Watch Instantly. That night, I decided to give it a watch. Well, it was definitely a low-budget […]

The Naked Truth – An Excerpt

I’m looking forward to June and the release of the second in my sci-fi series of novellas with Carina Press. 🙂 It’s exciting, but it seems as though I’ve been waiting forever! And the fun (read torturous) thing is I am just finishing the next in the series as I wait. 🙂 Here’s an excerpt […]

Your World-Building Franchise

One of my absolute favourite things about writing fiction is that no one, anywhere, anywhen will ever write this exact same story this exact same way (legally, anyway). There’s never just one “correct” way to write anything. The choices are kaleidoscopic, depending on your skill, mood, imagination, daring, health, alcohol intake, etc, and that can […]

Hi, my name is Shawn, and I’m a research nerd.

So, this post is a bit late. Sorry about that — I had a fun trip to the emergency room yesterday followed by a battery of tests today. Short version: strong like bull. No worries. But I’m probably one of the more annoying patients doctors have to deal with, and it’s not just because I […]