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Sci-fi to Science Reality

I was going to write a post today about how scientists are working with ultrasonics to produce levitation on both a large level (moving platforms) and on a tiny, near molecular level in medicinal studies, and how this is similar to the ay my stories have used ultrasonics for ship propulsion and showers, among other […]


Hello friends, I am returning from hiatus with an announcement! I have absolutely delicious news. Some of you know I am in deadline hell and haven’t been online for some time. And some of you know that in my other life I am a professional editor. Well I’ve been given an awesome opportunity here at […]

The Year to Come: Lilly Cain

Looking Back 2012 wasn’t exactly fun. Although I released Undercover Alliance and a couple of other, non-related novellas, it wasn’t a writing year. It was a survival year. Laid off from my day job, dealing with family illness, struggling as nearly everything broke down (even me, LOL). Truthfully, I don’t want to look back at […]

Where’s Lilly?

Hi everyone! You may have noticed I haven’t been on for a bit. In fact I haven’t been on since before Hal-Con. Well let me tell you about that first. Hal-con, Atlantic Canada’s Science fiction and fantasy convention, was a blast! I met with writers and readers and mingled with stars. I got a chance […]

My First Con

October 26 – 28 I will be attending my very first sci-fi/fantasy/comic con! It’s pretty exciting, I’ve read about these cons and watched them on TV and now I am going to the Atlantic Canada Hal-Con! Of course I am a little concerned about my writing and how it will fit in – I write […]

Worldwide Imagination: Libraries

I’ve always been interested in architecture. Of course my mind wanders, and my ideas for architecture often get blended into other, stranger thoughts (see my post on relocating ideas to consder). Lately I’ve been thinking about Libraries and how they are changing. Around here – Atlantic Canada – you don’t see a lot of innovative […]

Why We Love Sheldon

I haven’t been on for a while – the summer vacation finally caught up to me. But September is just a day away and I’m gearing up for the new TV season, along with giving thanks that my kids will be returning to school and I will get my life…er…schedule back. I’ll get to write […]

Relocating? Ideas to Consider

I’ve recently been considering relocating. Searching the internet for new locations has been pretty interesting. While I can’t say I am interested in moving far away from my current neighborhood, and I certainly can’t afford a lot, some people have come up with some interesting ideas and criteria for their own home searches. I love […]

Summer Sci-Fi

It’s that time of year when the movie landscape is dotted with fantasy and sci-fi—the summer. Somehow, every summer the science fiction movies dominate the big screen and pull us in from the good weather to be frightened and fascinated. Last week I went to see Prometheus, a prequel to Alien, a movie that seriously […]

Marketing, Or the More Things Change, The More they Stay the Same

There was a time when selling a book meant huge investments in advertising by the publisher and for the author a long period of appearances on a tour to as many bookstores as would take them. Now, with the growth of the internet, advertising dollars are quickly and thinly spread. It is up to the […]